Welcome to our world of
Pure Good, Pure Joy.

Drawing inspiration from the ancient Latin word for 'My Life,' Maiva embodies a healthy lifestyle. We passionately create nourishing foods, each a promise of wellness and joy. Rooted in pure goodness and simple pleasures, we invite you to savour life's moments while nurturing your well-being with every Maiva choice.

Nourish and Delight, Naturally and Responsibly

At Maiva, our mission is to enrich lives through natural and nutritious foods. We aim to bring you delightful, wholesome alternatives tailored to various dietary needs. Embracing sustainability and transparency, we strive to produce foods that nourish you and the planet alike. Our promise is to not only introduce you to indulgent and healthy plant-based alternatives, but also make it a seamless part of your everyday diet. We want you to choose wellness as a part of your routine – A habit that builds and not an effort you need to choose.

A Healthier World, One Meal at a Time

Maiva dreams of a world where health and joy effortlessly blend together. We aim towards a sustainable and inclusive nutrition, serving delectable options that care for both our bodies and the Earth. Through mindful choices, we seek to build a community where every meal paints a picture of a brighter, healthier future for everyone.

Our Story