Zero-cholesterol awesomeness BPA Free Plastic No added sugar Added Vitamins B-12 and D 100% Plant-based Flavourful range of options

A world of

feel-good benefits

Nourish your body and soul

A healthy lifestyle starts with food that nourishes you. Maiva understands that in a busy-busy world it’s not easy to find healthy food that is tasty too. That’s the gap we bridge with alternative dairy products that are cholesterol free, and packed with nutrition like vitamins. They taste delicious and are a great addition to any recipe - old or new and innovative.

Take care of your fitness goals

Maiva’s exciting product range supports you in your pursuit of achieving the best and the fittest version of yourself. It is created to give you that extra boost of energy you need to ace your fitness routine.

Think about the planet

The need of the hour is leaving a smaller carbon footprint on earth. Isn’t it lovely when your daily food choices help you do just that, quite effortlessly? Without having to compromise on health or taste. That’s the goodness and joy of Maiva’s plant-based, planet-friendly range.

Happy and healthy from the inside out
is the Maiva mantra

The Maiva Story

True to its name, the world of Maiva welcomes all of life - health, happiness, moments of delight. Care is at the heart of everything we do. Our range of nutrition-rich products are crafted in an environmentally conscious way to create flavours that are pure good, pure joy.

At Maiva, our vision is to make healthy eating something to look forward to- an everyday joy. We’re committed to creating guilt-free, tasty plant-based indulgences that that you can feel your best and take care of yourself, absolutely effortlessly.

Pratik & Siddharth