Almond Milks

Relish the heartfelt care of Maiva. Each pour of our Almond Milk unfurls the rich essence of almonds, free from lactose and cholesterol by nature's design. Meticulously crafted to keep calories low and added sugars at bay, it’s a fresh testament to our nurturing spirit.

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Why Maiva Fresh

What makes this range of Almond Milk very special?


No Long life packaged foods. Fresh Almond Milk, just as it should be.

Goodness of Almonds

Source of Healthy Fats & Essential Vitamins

Zero Added Sugar

No added Sugars, Artificial Sweeteners or Sugar Polyols

Zero Cholesterol

Great for the heart and health


Completely dairy free and plant based.

High in Fiber

Dietary Fiber is great for your gut and overall health